Climbing Area Mužský

The sandstone rock areas in the surroundings of the basaltic hill named Mužský are very popular with climbers. The most visited are the Příhrazské Skály, Drábské Světničky, Plakánek, Valečov, etc.

The locality of Příhrazy and Drábské Světničky offers hundreds of climbing trails directed to tall towers in solid rock. Climbers are usually attracted by the Kobyla (Kobylí Věž) which was resistant to their attempts for many years.

The other registered sectors are not so important. It is worth mentioning the huge -yet forbidden for climbing - massif named Sokolka near Branžež. The little valleys in Příhrazy, where you may not meet another soul all day long, hide marvellous towers as well. But, be careful. Many of the rock groups are forbidden for climbing.


Mužský, 295 01


Thursday 1 / 5°Cnight -2 / 2°C
oblačno až zataženo
Friday -1 / 3°Cnight -5 / -1°C
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Saturday 0 / 4°Cnight -3 / 1°C