Church of St. Havel, Mladá Boleslav

The Church of St. Havel was built by Matteo Borgorelli, an important designer, in the Renaissance style.

The church features an extensive park with a cemetery of great artistic value. The church was founded because of the necessity to build a new cemetary in Mladá Boleslav after the town had suffered a wave of plague and the then St. John's Cemetery was full. The church was consecrated to the first deceased buried there. In 1735 the church underwent a Baroque reconstruction and a tower was added to it. In 2003 costly reconstruction of the dilapidated church and mainly the cemetery, which was utterly devastated, was launched.

At present, the church and its beautifully restored surroundings invite one for a peaceful rest in the romantic park called Hejda's Garden with a lovely view of the old town. The church houses Orthodox masses and concerts thanks to its outstanding acoustics.

Mlada Boleslav

Náměstí Míru 1387, Mladá Boleslav, 293 01

GSM:+420 608 718 951


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