Drábské světničky scenic rocks

The mysterious-sounding Drábské světničky [Bailiff’s chambrettes] is the name of a former rock fortress located in the western part of Bohemian Paradise, set among the Příhrazské rocks. Here you will see the remains of a medieval castle, unique, rock-hewn ‘chambrettes’ and the picturesque landscape vista of the Jizera river basin.

The Drábské světničky area has been settled since the early Stone Age, the stronghold was built here in the 13th century. Initially, Drábské světničky had a largely defensive function – keeping an eye on a section of the key Pojizerská route. In the 14th century a wooden castle was built on seven sandstone blocks on the edge of a large rocky plateau, the site of prior primeval and early medieval settlements; see the model on display in the Mnichovo Hradiště City Museum. The original wooden buildings were connected by bridges, staircases and walkways, with smaller chambers and corridors hewn out of the rock, still there to be seen.

During the Hussite Wars, the entire complex was renewed and supplemented by additional living quarters, a prayer room, a lock-up and a guardhouse. After the Battle of Lipany, the site was abandoned and the buildings fell into disrepair. Nevertheless, the chambrettes remained a sought-after defendable refuge during the Thirty Years’ War and WWII.

Of interest

Nowadays, Drábské světničky are among the most visited scenic rocks in the Bohemian Paradise, added to the prestigious UNESCO Global Geoparks list in 2005. One of the reasons for their popularity is no doubt the breathtaking view – the landscape around the Jizera river stretches beneath you, but also in sight are Bezděz castle and the Krkonoše mountains.

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