The village is where the bridge was constructed over the marshes, for a Royal Customs Collector. It is located 8 km east of Bakov nad Jizerou, near Valečov Castle.

Archaeological surveys confirm the settlement of this land in the 8th century. A large quantity of materials found originated here. As the name suggests, originally there was a Prince's Bridge over the marshes in this area. In those times, Customs duties were levied by the Royal Chamber. The position of Customs Collector was held by Beneš of Michalovice. Václav of Vartenberk became the owner in 1337. Ješek of Kněžmost built his fortress here in 1361. He was nicknamed "Tupec". His descendants built Valečov Castle to where they relocated. But they later left and the fortress fell into ruin. Remnants of the Castle can be seen at the site in Hrádek, about 300 m east of the Church.

Subsequently, Kněžmost fell under the administration of Valečov Castle. And when the Kapouns of Svojkov became the owners of Kněžmost, a new fortress was built there. Traces of the fortress have not survived to the present day. We only know that the fortress was on the site where house No. 68 is located.

The tourist trail which passes through the village leads from Valečov Castle ruins and continues on further to Drhleny, Branžež and Příhrazy.  


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