Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou

The village of Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou is famous for one of the oldest Cistercian monasteries in the Czech Republic. It is located near Mnichovo Hradiště, on the very edge of the Bohemian Paradise.

The first written mention of the village dates back to the mid-12th century. The village became known in particular for the Cistercian monastery, founded in 1144 as probably one of the first Cistercian monasteries in Bohemia. The founders of the monastery were members of the Markvartic family, ancestors of the lords of Zvířetice. The name, Hradiště, originates from  local traditions when a fortress was already located there in the Hallstatt period. The official name "Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou" has been used since 1922.

In 1420, during the Hussite Wars, Hradiště Monastery was conquered and destroyed by the Orebits. The monks escaped to nearby Bezděz. However, the monastery was never restored. Remnants of the magnificent Early Gothic buildings were destroyed by various other alterations. In the 16th century, a Renaissance castle was built on the monastery ruins. The Castle then later became part of the Wallenstein estate. The Wallenstein family rebuilt it into a brewery in 1852. Beer has been brewed here even to the present time.

One of the most important cultural events is the International Sculpture Symposium, during which sculptures to complement the surrounding spaces in the countryside are created 
Klaster Hradiste nad Jizerou

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