The town of Kosmonosy, which boasts a prehistoric open-air Museum for children and adults, is located about four kilometres north-east of Mladá Boleslav. The town contains historical monuments from many periods and in various styles; there is also the Museum, a swimming pool, campsite and many sporting facilities. Numerous performances, talks, concerts and summer festivals are held in the town.

The first written reports of Kosmonosy date back to the 12th century. At that time, the village of Kosmonosy reportedly consisted of only nine buildings and a farmyard. Between 1571 and 1580, Adam Krajíř from Krajek had the fortress rebuilt into a Renaissance-style castle. He also set up a fenced field. The village of Kosmonosy enjoyed cultural and economic prosperity during the rule of the Czernin family of Chudenice. The village of Kosmonosy was declared a township in 1868. In the 20th century, there were two farewells to Mladá Boleslav. Kosmonosy once again became an independent town in 1990.

The important historical buildings in the town include the Renaissance Chateau from the 16th century, whose hall of mirrors is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies and concerts. Currently, the Chateau houses the Primary School and a Museum. From the Baroque period, there are the parish building and the Church of the Holy Cross (Kostel Povýšení sv. Kříže) with the complex of buildings of the former Piarist monastery, where the Psychiatric Hospital was established in 1867. Part of the former textile factory building, which was burned down, has currently been reconstructed into apartments. The Loreto from 1702–1708 is one of the architectural treasures of Kosmonosy. It was built to the design of Italian architect, Giovanni Alliprandi, according to the template of the first building of this type located in the Italian town of Loreto. 


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