The village is adjacent to Loukov, 5 km north-east of Mnichovo Hradiště. It contains a number of historically valuable buildings.

In the central part of the village, there is a valuable group of buildings, including the Baroque Church of the Holy Cross built in 1726. This Church contains sculptures by M.B. Braun. There is also an early Baroque parish house built in the 17th century, later used as the Town Hall. And finally, there is a Gothic fortress rebuilt into a castle (currently used for agricultural purposes). There are several wooden cottages in the village.

The village was named according to its location among the meadows. It was first mentioned in 1215, as the property of the Order of the Knights of the Cross of St. Jan in Prague. The size and layout of the village indicate that the village was based on a mansion and then other houses were added.

The part of Loukovec village which is called Kejov is located on both sides of the road leading almost to Koryta. The village lies at an altitude of 267 metres above sea level. 


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