Přepeře (Semily)

Přepeře is located 3km west of Turnov.

The first record of the village dates back to 1323. The Late Gothic Church of St. James the Greater dates back to the middle of the 16th century.

The rock town named Drábské světničky is situated south of the village, along the road from Liberec to Prague. It is a popular destination of most of the visitors to the region. If you go to the north, you will get to the ruin of Frýdštejn Castle or to Suché skály.

Prepere (Mlada Boleslav)

Přepeře 229, Přepeře, 512 61

Phone:+420 481 321 110
+420 481 321 948
Fax:+420 481 321 110


přeháňky nebo bouřky
Thursday 18.8.day 31 / 35°Cnight 16 / 20°C
Friday 19.8.day 23 / 27°Cnight 15 / 19°C
Saturday 20.8.day / °Cnight / °C