The small village is located 4 km south-west of Dolní Bousov, with the interesting originally Gothic Church of St. Stephen, whose present appearance has been determined by two Baroque reconstructions.

Řitonice — the original name is Žitonice — is an ancient settlement with the original owners being unknown. The Church with rectory belong among the oldest buildings in the neighbourhood; the original buildings date back to before 1362.

Owners since 1362: Jan of Veselice, Ctibor of Nechanice, Jan Semečka of Semčice, Rovald of Ledce, Jan Zajíc of Hasenburk. In the second half of the 15th century, Řitonice village belonged to the Březno estate. It remained in their ownership until the abolition of serfdom. Zdeněk Lev of Rožmitál attached it to Kost in 1497. In 1561, the entire village came into the possession of Zikmund Grisl of Loveč. His sons sold the village to Heřman of Buben, a lord in Skašov. In 1578, Řitonice was bought by the Countess of Donín. In 1610, Řitonice was bought by Mikuláš Vratislav of Buben.

After the defeat at White Mountain, it was ordered that the Czech Kingdom must not tolerate any non-Catholicism. Therefore, the family of the Řitonice owner, together with the majority of the population of the Březno estate, were forced to convert to Catholicism. However, the customs of the Utraquists were further retained in Řitonice Church and even described in 1721.

During the raid by the Swedes in the Thirty Years' War, the village of Řitonice was ravaged and destroyed, with only one cottage remaining inhabited. The Church was repaired in 1662. The parish house was not. The part of the village known as "Mrdochov" (now Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4) belonging to the Kostelec estate, was given to four subjects in 1750. The major part of the village belonged to the Březno estate.


Řitonice 29, Dolní Bousov, 294 04

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