The village with an area of about 5.4 square kilometres has a brick blacksmith\'s shop from the first half of the 19th century. It is located about 9 km east of Mladá Boleslav, in the direction of Jičín.

The first written evidence of Sukorady comes from a relatively late period in time. 

The yeoman family in Sukorady named the village after themselves. Václav of Sukorady is recorded in 1420 in connection with Bezděz Castle, of which he may have been the burgrave. Another record from 1425 states that he wrote his name with the predicate of Charvátce. However, archaeological findings from the local fortress demonstrate its existence in the 14th century. In the mid-15th century, the fortress was owned by the Lapačka family, namely Jindřich in 1468. His descendant, Jiří, resided in nearby Březno fortress at that time.
Jan Lapačka of Sukorady lived in the other fortress in Sukorady in 1457. He bought it from Kateřina of Kosořice. When attached to Březno, this fortress lost its importance and disappeared.

In 1541, one part of the village belonged to the neighbouring village of Matrovice. There are two deserted fortresses mentioned as being there in 1543. The village was recorded in 1660 as being annexed to Skašov fortress. It later became part of the Březno estate.
The visible fortress part of the older fortress has been preserved on the left bank of the Klenice River, east of the village boundary. There is a distinctive hill near the bridge leading to Dlouhá Lhota, surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped moat and outer wall. The archaeological material found in ​​the fortress can be dated back to approximately the 14th and 15th centuries.

The second fortress, apparently a newer one, is currently totally ruined. It used to be located in the middle of the village, east of the restored streams, running from north to south towards Klenice. No. 4 is a new building east of the stream on the southern side of the road,  occupying the site of the now-demolished courtyard. Its smaller part protrudes into the area of the more eastern building, No. 63, and into the south-facing garden. According to local records, the fortress was on the southern side of the yard. The pond on the stream could have belonged to the fortifications.

In 1877, a school was founded in Sukorady and functioned until 1966.
A Volunteer Firefighting Association was founded in 1891. A fire engine had already been bought in 1890. Members of the Volunteer Firefighting Association participate in district competitions. They organise an annual competition called the Sukorady Cup. The Casarius community was founded in 1990. In 2010, thanks to subsidies from the Fund of Culture and Restoration of Monuments of the Central Bohemia Region, the statue of St. Václav was repaired. In the summer of the same year, the village was hit by floods.

Blacksmith's Shop

At the north-eastern edge of the square, there is a single-storey brick blacksmith's shop at No. 9, with eaves facing the road, dating back to the first half of the 19th century. It has a gabled roof, with both sides ending in smoothly plastered triangular brick gables. The building has a three-room layout formed by a sub-hall, blacksmith's shop and shed. The sub-hall consists of two roll-vaulted arcades on the facade gable with eaves. The building is typical of the architectonically simple Classicist rural blacksmith's shop. 


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