“Bousov on the Island” — the town gets its name from the numerous ponds. It is situated on the southern edge of the Bohemian Paradise in the beautiful countryside of the shallow Klenice River Valley

The history of Dolní Bousov has been archaeologically documented from the Late Stone Age, Early Stone Age as well as the Bronze Age. The first written report dates back to 1318, with reference to Ctibor of Búsovec. In 1330, there mention of Bús of Bousov, probably the founder of the fortress on the hill behind the rectory (now Na Tvrzi Street). Between 1446 and 1848, the Bousov region belonged to the Kostecké estate. The time of flourishing of the small town was at the end of the 16th century during the rule of the Lobkowicz family (Lobkovicové). They paid great attention to the economic growth of the Kostecké estate. Dolní Bousov was promoted as a town some time before 1497. In 1600, Emperor Rudolph II gave the town urban status and the right to seal documents with green wax. Prosperity continued even after the Thirty Years' War, during the Czernin family's rule (Černínové). The town eventually held six annual markets. Craftsmen from Dolní Bousov and surroundings set up their own guilds. Thirty ponds are located in the close vicinity. For this reason, the town has often been called “Bousov on the Island”.


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