Conference rooms of the Central Bohemian Region Gallery (GASK)

GASK - The Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region is located in the Jesuit dormitory in Kutná Hora. It is an institution focused on its fine arts of the 20th and 21st centuries with its collection and exhibition program.

GASK presents modern and contemporary art with sensitively and inspirationally composed exhibitions. We follow the mission of the Jesuit College as a house of education by measuring the collection and the entire program according to the authentic truth of the testimony and mediating their communication in a form as close as possible to today's man. Our Teaching Center prepares programs and workshops for exhibitions in the same spirit. We also provide a wide range of facilities for researchers, conferences and symposia.

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Kutná Hora

Barborská 51, Kutná Hora, 284 01

Phone:+420 725 377 433


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