You can also reach the little town of Liteň by train - you arrive at a unique type of station where the train comes in along a V-shaped track and then has to go on “backwards”. The principal monument in the town itself is the chateau, renovated in the Baroque style, where writer Svatopluk Čech stayed as a boy. He grew up in the “Čechovna”, a beautiful Baroque building which his father occupied on account of being the estate manager. The chateau then had links to opera singer Jarmila Novotná at the beginning of the 20th century after she married the lord of the manor, the knight Jiří Daubek. The expansive chateau grounds are home to a number of attractive buildings, such as the sala terrena, an artificial grotto, an orangery, and a former brewery, which is gradually undergoing much-needed renovation.

Take the green hiking trail from the station in Zadní Třebaň. This runs above a bend in the River Vltava along the plateau through the fields. You will reach Běleč, where the trail merges with the green branch of the Liteň nature trail, which presents historical, architectural, and natural points of interest in the little town and its surroundings. The dirt field path takes you on to Liteň iteself, where you can see the former synagogue, now converted into a fire station (No. 72), on the square. Then head to the right and you will soon reach the historic centre. The public space here is dominated by Svatopluk Čech Park, with a larger-than-life statue of the writer, and the dominant Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, which was given its neo-Romanesque appearance at the end of the 19th century. The Museum of Svatopluk Čech and Jarmila Novotná is housed in the former vicarage, presenting the lives of these two prominent people with ties to Liteň. A commemorative linden tree used to stand not far from the museum, captured in Čech’s collection of poems “In the shadow of the linden tree, beneath which the neighbours meet and talk”. Jarmila Novotná, meanwhile, is commemorated by a music festival held at the chateau every year.

The green trail will take you out of Liteň and right into the protected landscape area of Český kras (Bohemian Karst). It copies the red circuit of the nature trail for a while, the trail ending with two viewpoints beneath the summit of Mramor (470 m). The trail runs along the short, wooded ridge and begins to descend beneath the summit of Šamor (481 m). Turn left on the village green in Vinařice and walk along the road to Všeradice (this part of the walk is not marked). There you will find the Baroque chateau of the Mitrovic family and it is here that revivalist, writer, and author of cookbooks Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová was born in 1785. A museum in the granary is devoted to her life and work. The whole of the chateau complex, which for many years served the needs of an agricultural cooperative, is beginning to blossom and thrive. One piece of evidence of this is the local brewery, which serves several types of beer.

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