Jílové u Prahy

Jílové u Prahy has been associated with gold since time immemorial. It was panned here under the Premyslids in the 10th and 11th centuries. Then, when deep mining began, a mining colony was built. The renown of this source of wealth spread throughout Europe during the 14th century and Charles IV confirmed Jílové as a royal town. Mining continued here on and off until 1968 and you can learn everything about its golden history at the Regional Museum. You will find this on the square in the building known as Mince (Coins), where the mining authority was once based. In addition to learning something interesting, you can also take from here some practical experience of panning for gold. The museum exhibitions are accompanied by the Jílové Gold Mines nature trail, which runs around the town over a length of approximately 5 km and familiarises you with the places in which gold was actually mined. The St. Joseph Mine is even open to the public.

Take the red trail from the train station in Davle alongside the flow of the River Vltava. This little town was once an important place of log driving and gold was mined in the surroundings. The trail soon turns into the valley of Zahořanský Stream, where the renowned Mašek Mill stands, built at the beginning of the 17th century. Wandering through Zahořanský Valley will take you into the history of rambling, with one rambler’s colony after another - Orlík, Varta, Tahiti, Albatros, Na Ostrůvku, Hawai. These were mostly built in the 1920s and 1930s, with the Albatros colony even considered to be the cradle of sport among ramblers: it was here that ramblers organised their first olympic games in 1927.

Take a right on to the red trail at the Zahořanský důl – Oborská lávka crossing of paths. This will take you to the little village of Obora, which takes its name from the local game reserve (obora in Czech) that was created in 1419. Then, at the crossing at Bohuliby, which was also well-known for gold mining at Kozí hůrka, take a left along the yellow trail. Here you will rise along the forest path to U Obrázku Hill (446 m), from where there is a gentle descent through the fields and pastures to Jílové u Prahy.

Wander round the historic centre of the town, a protected zone, where in addition to the museum we already mentioned you will see the marvellous town hall building and the Church of St. Adalbert (Vojtěch), originally a Romanesque structure whose modern-day appearance was provided by renovations in the middle of the 19th century. Stroll down Hornická Street along the nature trail with the green markings. This is joined at the cross in the fields by the red nature trail known as Jílovské vyhlídky (Jílové Views). This will take you to the steel viewing tower of Pepř on the hill of the same name (448 m). There is a fine view of the area around the River Vltava from the platform, which stands at a height of 18 metres. The green trail then takes you through the village of Studené, before entrusting you to the yellow trail at the crossing of paths. This leads you to the U Dvou křížů viewpoint and then on to Včelní Hrádek, once a chateau that was built in the 18th century on the site of an original fortress. The building was demolished in 1990 on account of its desperate condition, and only the remnants of the farm buildings remain. Follow the yellow markings through the little village of Na Hrádku to reach the train station.

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Jílové u Prahy


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