The fairy-tale chateau of Stránov looks down into the deep valley of Strenický Stream, a right-bank tributary of the River Jizera, from a high, rocky promontory. It was preceded by a Gothic castle in the 15th century, converted into a Renaissance chateau when owned by the Slavata family. Its neo-Renaissance appearance of today was given to it between 1890 and 1894 by renowned architect Josef Schultz, who also designed the National Museum in Prague. What is also important for the present is that director of the Škoda plants Josef Šimonek became the owner of the chateau in 1917 (Šimonek was made a baron for his services to the development of industry). The chateau was returned to his descendants in restitution and they have been renovating it ever since. Just as they have been caring for the chateau in Lobeč and Houska Castle in the Kokořínsko area. Stránov is therefore seeing a return to the mysterious and romantic atmosphere that attracted film makers during the 1920s.

You can follow the yellow hiking trail from the train station in Čelákovice to reach the centre of the town. The dominant architectural feature on náměstí 5. května (5th of May Square) is its neo-Baroque town hall, built in 1911. Continue on to the branch of the Elbe that is home to a former medieval stronghold. This now holds the Town Museum (Městské Muzeum), whose exhibitions will tell you about the rich history of the area and of the medieval building itself.

Cross the footbridge over the River Elbe along cycle path 0041, and then another over the blind affluent stream known as Grádo. Cycle along the road through the forest to the beautiful Baroque Chapel of St. Wenceslas and its two statues of angels, which stands on the border of the former estates of Brandýs and Lysá. The route turns to the north at the Karlov crossing. Pass the Hladoměř wetlands on the other side of Dvorec, a newly-created system of pools in the place of a former pond. The route runs from Stará Lysá along the road to Čihadla, where you will see the beautiful Baroque Chapel of St. Simeon, which was built by Count František Antonín Špork, owner of the estate in Lysá nad labem. Cycle beneath the motorway on the other side of Předměřice nad Jizerou and join cycling route 17, Greenway Jizera, in Kochánky. Follow the river to reach Benátky nad Jizerou, with it picturesque historic centre on a high hill. This is dominated by a Renaissance-Baroque chateau, which is home to a museum that recalls, for example, the work of astronomer Tycho Brahe here. Cycle through Dražice, and its castle ruins, and Horky nad Jizerou, with its Baroque chateau, to reach a monumental railway viaduct that dates back to 1924. From there you will be able to see Stránov Chateau in Jizerní Vtelno standing above the valley to the right. You can take a tour of the interiors or climb the tower, a remnant of the original castle from where there are some marvellous views of the landscape. You might even get lucky and arrive on a day of one of the many cultural events they organise here. Then return to the River Jizera, which will guide you all the way to Mladá Boleslav, a town that you should set aside a whole day to tour sometime.



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