Starý Kolín

As the name suggests, Starý Kolín (which translates as Old Cologne) is the predecessor of the great Cologne of today and was the property of the Bohemian king back in the 13th century. It was founded on the left branch of the River Elbe, although this was later regulated and distanced from the village. Only Černá struha (Black Channel) remained, from which a canal once ran from the Elbe to Kutná Hora for the transport of wood and charcoal. It was built in 1575 by Christopher (Kryštof) of Gendorf for the needs of the miners of Kutná Hora, transport being provided by horse-drawn boats. You can still see part of the canal beyond Starý Kolín, while the original log drivers’ pub building (at Dukelských hrdinů 44) remains in the village.

The trip begins in Kolín, which is itself an impressive sight, although one we will have to leave for some other time. From the railway station first follow the yellow and then the blue tourist markings through Kutnohorské Předměstí. Stick to the blue trail at the crossing and continue to the right alongside the River Polepky. The three information panels on the nature trail here are there to tell you about local geology, flora, and fauna. There is also a rock tower and a four-metre waterfall to be seen in the little valley. In Polepy, you will pass by the St. John Brewery, where beer is unfortunately no longer brewed, before joining the Ratbořský Circuit cycling route to Hluboký Důl. From there you should head towards Šťáralka along the unmarked asphalt road. Do take care when crossing state road 38. Re-join the yellow markings in Šťáralka and these will guide you through almost 5 km of floodplain forests, through a field and around the River Klejnárka to Starý Kolín.

The blue trail returns just before the village and will take you to the largest monument here, St Andrew's Church. This was built in 1740 in the Baroque Gothic style in line with the designs of Tomáš Haffenecker. The facade was later adorned with neo-Gothic elements. From the square, which is simply called Náměstí (Square), you could continue along the yellow trail to the log drivers’ pub mentioned earlier, looking as it did back in the 19th century. There is a well-preserved building on the other side of the bridge over Černá struha, originally a copper mill, where copper ore was once broken down. It was later used as a weaving wash house. If, however, you leave the square to the right along the trail to Saint Catherine Mountain and take another right soon after, this time into Hlízovska Street, you will reach a mini zoo in almost no time at all. Here, on a traditional estate, they breed domesticated animals such as horses, llamas, sheep and goats, as well as more exotic species – kangaroos, parrots, and camels. You are allowed to stroke them and feed them. The stables and the riding hall also offer visitors the chance to go horse-riding or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

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Starý Kolín


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