By Boat from Kácov to Týnec nad Sázavou

Enjoy your spring and summer on the Central Bohemian rivers! We have a few tips for you on boat trips along the beautiful Sázava River, which was renamed by paddlers and tramps to \"golden river\" for its color. Take advantage of its great navigability and also the fact that the riversides are surrounded by tourist attractions and valuable sights.

Lenght: 69 km

As this is a longer route, it is good to set aside more days for this trip. The ideal starting point for your cruise will be the Kácov town. You can start your water journey either not far from chateau Kácov or near the train station. On the first day you will cover approximately 13 kilometers and get to Český Šternberk. Under the village Tichonice, more precisely in its part called Pelíškův Most, you will have to get over the weir. Next weir awaits you less than a kilometer behind the YMCA camp near the village of Mazourov and you will come across the third weir on the outskirts of the village Soběšín. All three weirs are passable, but we recommend checking their condition from the riverside first.

The next day you will set out from Český Šternberk to the town of Sázava and cover about 21 kilometers. Behind the bridge, which is still located in Český Šternberk, you will have to get over the weir, which belongs to the less safe ones - that's why canoes are transfered by hand along the shore. Two weirs are in Rataje nad Sázavou and another in Ledečko, below the village of Samopše, in Budín and in Černé Budy, part of the Sázava town.

On the third day, you will arrive to Hvězdonice after 11 kilometers long route. In this section of the route, weirs await you near the Pyskočely village, on the edge of the Chocerady village (this weir is impassable) and then another weir directly in Hvězdonice.

The last part of route from Hvězdonice to Týnec nad Sázavou is 24 kilometers long and along its way you encounter seven weirs in Poddubí, Lštěná, Čerčany, Městečko, Nespeky, Brodce and Týnec nad Sázavou. As in the previous cases, we recommend you checking their condition from the riverside first.




oblačno až zataženo
Friday -1 / 3°Cnight -5 / -1°C
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