Kersko je osada, část obce Hradištko v okrese Nymburk ve Středočeském kraji. Je známé hlavně díky Bohumilu Hrabalovi, který tam léta žil spolu s 25 polodivokými kočkami, a dalším osobnostem tam žijícím, například Adolfu Branaldovi.

First of all, whether you like your wild boar served with rose-hip sauce or prefer cabbage, do visit the game restaurant Hájenka for this honest-to-goodness delicacy and then, suitably refreshed, take a tour of the region, made famous above all by a film based on the writings of Bohumil Hrabal, directed by Jiří Menzel. We are, of course, referring to the cult movie ‘Slavnosti sněženek / The Snowdrop Festival’, a motion picture at once poignant and funny, poetic and realistic, cheerful and sad. Thanks to this writer-director symbiosis, the area of Kersko (part of the village of Hradištko near Nymburk) is depicted so tangibly that we can almost feel ourselves strolling along its leaf-littered lanes. If you are looking for a place with a welcoming neighbourly atmosphere, your search is over – Kersko and the surrounding nature park Kersko-Bory are just what you’re after.



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