By boat from Týnec nad Sázavou to Pikovice

In the past, the river Sázava was plentifully visited by tramps. Paddlers loved it since long time ago and stayed faithful to it to these days. Its navigability is great and you will find many picturesque nooks and famous monuments on its riversides. Take a trip on the most popular route of Sázava river.

Lenght: 16 km

The part of Sazava river leading from Týnec to Pikovice is the most popular, so there will be no shortage of companions in canoes and friendly faces in the area during this trip. Paddling equipment, including a canoe, can be hired directly in Týnec, where you can find two hire companies. You should rather consult the condition of water with the staff of hire companies before you take a trip.

The first weir you encounter is in part of Týnec called Podělusy, which was recently reconstructed and is safe, on the contrary, the next weir near Brejlov is in a very bad condition, so we recommend less experienced paddlers to tow or transfer the canoe on land. Another dangerous weir, called Kaňov, is less than a kilometer away - it can only be overcome by transfering the boat along the left shore. Then you will encounter rapids and another weir in Krhanice, in this case passable. The riverbed here narrows into a narrow canal with rocky rapids.

After a short section of stagnant water you will reach Pěnkava weir, under which begins the most difficult and long part with rapids called Stvořidla. Such a challenging terrain will continue to Pikovice. There are also several weirs waiting for you, near the villages of Kamenný Újezdec, Kamenný Přívoz and Žampach. Between the last two weirs you will have a beautiful view of a densely wooded valley bridged by a magnificent stone viaduct. You will then sail through the long rocky rapids to the finish.

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