In the footsteps of Josef Suk

He liked to look around his beloved native region from the hill on which the Drahoušek lookout stands today. Let\\\\\\\'s follow in the footsteps of the music composer Josef Suk, who did not let the Sedlčany region, a beautiful corner of Toulava. From his native Křečovice he liked to go for walks to the castle Radíč, where you can meet many princesses today, the Křepenická fortress, which was built here by fishpond Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany and to his favorite stream Mastník and castle Kozí hřbet. He often directed his steps to Svatojansko, where he enjoyed the peaceful natural scenery. Many artists, especially painters, have discovered the magic of the local landscape. You can also discover it from the saddle of the bike or on foot on the rocks of the Drbákov-Albert Rocks educational trail, from the Celtic oppidum in Hrazany or the ruins of Ostromeč Castle. And when you are all done, let yourself be lulled by Suk\\\\\\\'s music, you will not find a better backdrop to beautiful memories.

The route starts in Sedlčany. These are two circuits that can be driven separately.

Sedlčanský: Sedlčany - cycle route 8136 - Prosenická Lhota - continue along cycle route 8132 in the direction of Osečany - Radíč –Nalžovice - Křepenice –from Krčín's fortress in Křpenice we will return back to Nalžovice in the same way - in Nalžovice by car. spite. Turn right along the unmarked road and join cycle 8124 - Dublovice - left on cycle route 8133 in the direction of Příčovy - Příčovy - Sedlčany.

The St. John's Circuit continues: Sedlčany - cycle route 111 in the direction of Krásná Hora nad Vltavou (on the route you can turn to Svatý Jan to the pilgrimage site and back) - Krásná Hora - continue along cycle route 8138 - Vysoký Chlumec - then cycle route 8137– Ústupenice - route 8137 - The desert of st. Mark - 8137 - at the crossroads with the cycling 111 turn right 111 - Třebnice - Solopysky - Sedlčany


Start    Sedlčany

Konec Sedlčany

Length 74km

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