Across the hills to the pilgrimage church, through the valley of the romantic stream around the old mill to the granary, through the wooded hills.
  • We follow the green trail from Krásná Hora through the surrounding forests, cross the Brzina brook on a footbridge and climb up to Svatý Jan. Here stands a pilgrimage baroque church.
    Maybe the church and the nearby cemetery will be familiar to you - they starred in the film Secluded By the Forest.
  • From St. John we continue along the yellow trail along the meadows to the settlement Brzina. Immediately behind the village, turn right onto the dirt road and head along the river through Kunclův mlýn to Drážkov. Here stands the repaired Špejchar, which serves as a gallery.
  • From Drážkov we will take the path on cycle 1 to Hojšín and then the red trail to Kamýk nad Vltavu, where we can refresh ourselves. Through the forest trail we will return to Krásná Hora along the blue trail.
Length 18km


Krásná Hora - squareSvatý JanBrzinabranch Kunclův mlýnon the unmarked road to the rightDrážkovHojšínKamýk n. Vlt.-U MášůZhořKrásná Hora-náměstí



polojasno až zataženo
Tuesday 23 / 27°Cnight 15 / 19°C
přeháňky nebo bouřky
Wednesday 27 / 31°Cnight 16 / 20°C
polojasno až zataženo
Thursday 26 / 30°Cnight 13 / 17°C