The town of Velvary ranks among royal towns, though it is not known when exactly it attained this status, primarily because its archive of valuable historical documents was destroyed by fire in 1482. For that reason, king Vladislaus II Jagiellon granted the town new privileges the very same year. Since its earliest origins, the town of Velvary has been closely tied with agricultural production and craftsmanship.

Velvary evolved into a market town from a medieval village founded on an ancient trade route. The oldest written mention of it dates to 1282, but the settlement did not become the property of the crown until 1357, and it was likely Charles IV who granted its town status. Since its founding, Velvary has been an agrarian town, which it remained even in the 20th century. Its defensive wall with several gates has mostly disappeared, only the Prague Gate survives. Other landmarks include the Church of Saint Catherine, the town hall and Marian column. Its most famous native was Václav Klement, one of the founders of the car manufacturing company known today as ŠKODA AUTO.



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