Zásmuky Château

The origins of this noble residence date back to a period characterised by the building of purposeful Gothic fortresses. The Zásmuky Château was originally built as one of those. Around 1546, the austere stone stronghold was rebuilt as a more comfortable residence. The dilapidated historic building was largely saved due to the efforts of Franziska Diana Sternberg, into whose possession the château was returned in 1992.

In ancient times, the site was the location of a Gothic stronghold that was later rebuilt as a residence in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. The residence was further modified in the 19th century under the influence of the neo-Gothic style. Since 1636, the manor has mostly been owned by the Sternberg noble family. It was the efforts of a member of this noble family, the countess of Sternberg, that saved the historic landmark following many years of neglect and mismanagement under the rule of the Communist Party. The renovations of the dilapidated château began under her guidance in 1993.

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Komenského nám. 1, Zásmuky, 281 44


Sunday 27.11.day 3 / 7°Cnight -1 / 3°C
oblačno až zataženo
Monday 28.11.day 3 / 7°Cnight 0 / 4°C
oblačno až zataženo
Tuesday 29.11.day 1 / 5°Cnight -2 / 2°C