Jenčov Castle Ruin

The name of the castle, sometimes also called Jinčov, may be derived from the name John, i.e., “John’s Castle”. This likely refers to John of Luxembourg, however, this monarch was not its founder; the castle had already existed for some time when he ascended to the throne. It is the smallest Czech royal castle.

Jenčov's location, dimensions and furnishings resembled a hunting lodge rather than a grand royal residence – it only consisted of two stone buildings. As there are no written records of its construction, its precise age remains unknown. Archaeological evidence suggests that it may have been founded by Wenceslaus II; however, since the first written mention of the castle dates to 1606 and the next is to1685, by which point the structure was already referred to as deserted, its exact origin cannot be verified.


Košťálkova 1355, Beroun, 266 01

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