Go to Hrusice in memory of Josef Lada, and his tomcat, Mikeš

Let’s face it, being an adult isn’t always that much fun. At an earlier time, when our most pressing worries were whether to play at home or go out with our friends, things felt better. Do you remember immersing yourself in books? How the outside world ceased to exist and all around you was a world of stories, fairy-tale characters and the imagination? Do you remember those care-free childhood days? Perhaps only dimly, memories do tend to fade away... Don’t worry, there is a way to call them back!

Visit the Josef Lada Memorial in Hrusice. An afternoon spent in his colourful, charming world, filled to bursting with childhood imagination, the joys of childhood will reappear as if summoned by a magic wand. Lada’s universe will push back the grey and mundane and boring duties will be forgotten, with the help of his magical imagination. The illustrator, painter and writer Josef Lada had an almost otherworldly talent in transforming dull reality into gripping stories told with the use of both pictures and words. 
His artistic expression was very much his own and distinctive. His drawings focus on both the joys of childhood as well as the modest but happy peasant village life, peacefully following the changing of the seasons, full of work done with love, and of simple pleasures. Although Lada’s primary domain was children’s illustration, he also illustrated publications for adults and both wrote and illustrated a number of his own works, the most famous of which are the stories of Mikeš the Tomcat. Over his long and fruitful life, he created more than 15,000 illustrations, perhaps the most widely known being for ‘The Good Soldier Švejk’ book by Jaroslav Hašek. He created up to 550 paintings, and also designed theatre décor and costumes.
There is thus no shortage of material for the Hrusice memorial, situated in the house the artist and his family would visit during the summer. In the villa there are several permanent exhibitions, e.g. an exhibition of family photographs and a collection of books featuring Lada’s illustrations for children and adults. There is also an exhibition devoted to ‘The Good Soldier Švejk’. Not forgetting Lada’s daughter Alena, whose works are also represented.

Practical information:

  • The website of the Memorial to Josef Lada and his daughter Alena can be found here.
  • Information about Hrusice and the village map can be found here.


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