Kutná Hora – The UNESCO pearl of Central Bohemia

The city of Kutná Hora holds exceptional status in Czechia. And we have two indisputable pieces of evidence to prove it! Firstly, the words of the Czech national anthem speaking of the harmonious and peaceful landscape that inspired its author. It is no coincidence that the landscape J. K. Tyl was speaking of is that around Kutná Hora. And evidence item number two? The truth of this was confirmed years later by the international UNESCO World Heritage organization – the entire historical centre of the city is on its list of world cultural and natural heritage sites.

Kutná Hora went through a period of great prosperity, after which, as is often the case, more difficult times followed. From the outset, the city and its development were closely linked to the mining of silver ore and thus to money – The mining of silver is documented as far back as 985. And where there is a chance to get rich quick and easy, the acquisitive crowds start to flood in. And so Kutná Hora’s population grew. The atmosphere here has often been likened to the American gold rush, as the fame of the silver deposits spread beyond the country’s borders.
After 1300, the key role of Kutná Hora was so great that it ranked second in the land, just after the capital city of Prague. The central mint of the Czech state was moved here, the Prague groschen began to be minted in the city, and Kutná Hora became a financial centre. This was followed by a turbulent and spectacular period of prosperity, but the first difficulties soon began to arise – the mining got increasingly dangerous as the silver deposits gradually ran out, with the miners going down as deep as five hundred meters. Eventually, mining ceased completely.

The town’s historical importance is also shown by numerous monuments. Among the most important is the Cathedral of St Barbara, and you can learn more here. You must not miss the Church of St Jacob, the medieval stone fountain on Rejsek square and the Baroque plague column. You should also not omit a visit to the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region (GASK), which specializes in fine art of the 20th and 21st century and also showcases present-day artists. Another fascinating exhibit in its own right is the Dačický house, and just as with GASK it is worth having a look inside – you will find an interactive exhibition about Kutná Hora and UNESCO. You should also visit Sedlec, with its distinctive Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Sedlec Ossuary, itself one of the most visited monuments of the Central Bohemian Region. To end your tour of the city in this mystical place is an unforgettable experience.

Practical information:

  • Information about the city can be found here.
  • Tourist information – from a list of sights and events to tips for accommodation and dining – can be found here.
  • A list of all important sites is here.
  • The GASK Gallery website can be found here.
  • You can find the Sedlec Ossuary web here.


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