Discover the romantic nooks of the Park and Château of Průhonice

The relatively small town of Průhonice has only around 3,500 residents. However, its significance and picturesque scenery equals that of the most important locations of the Region! The park is a unique piece of landscaping, enriching both the Czech Republic and Europe as a whole.

Everyone falls in love with Průhonice park, but most especially those who appreciate natural looking and pleasantly varied gardens that look as if human interference in the landscape has been minimal. Průhonice park has a natural look and you will certainly not feel as if you are visiting the manicured gardens of Versailles. Its creation brought a lot of hard work however, and required not only meticulous planning but most importantly a lot of love and devotion from its founder, Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca. The enthusiast began work on the park in 1885 and devoted himself to his outstanding creation for the rest of his life. Both his passion, as well as his uncommon expertise and talent for landscaping are undeniable.
When you’ve finished enjoying the park, another aesthetic pleasure awaits you – the Průhonice château. Its present form is the result of a series of adaptations of the original medieval Gothic castle. The threads of history are tangled and so has been the mansion’s fate. The château changed hands many times, and also went through a period of decline. After the year 1800 good fortune smiled on it again, by way of a new owner, Count Johann Nepomuk von Nostitz-Rieneck. An extensive reconstruction in Neo-Classical style helped the château regain its former glory. Another important figure connected to the château and Průhonice, is the aforementioned “park visionary” Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca. 1885 began a new epoch in the history of Průhonice, the symbols of which are both the park and the château, rebuilt by the Count in the Czech Neo-Renaissance style.
Just for these two sites alone, the park and the castle, Průhonice is well worth a visit. But a lot of other treasures await us there. Not to be missed is the Romanesque church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, which is the oldest monument in the Průhonice château complex. Also a must is a walk around the ‘V Holi’ square - a village green with a bell-tower dating to the late 19th century; and do stop to admire the Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk on Květnové square.

Practical information:

● The Průhonice Park and Château are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
● Information about the Průhonice municipality can be found here.
● Information about the park and château can be found here


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