Michael Farm in Nedvězí offers luxury accommodation in a renovated medieval fortress, which is an architectural gem of old ages. In 2015, the farm was evaluated by the Association of European Farms as the most beautiful with the highest quality service.
The Michael farm is located south of Prague, between Netvořice and Rabýn, in the Benešov district. The farm was created by a perfect reconstruction of an ancient fortress of Romanesque-Gothic origin. Genius loci of the farm was created in collaboration with the architectural studio of Z. Deyl. Here you can admire centuries-old rural architecture from the 14th to the 19th century, while enjoying the hospitality of medieval buildings with apartments of the highest standard, or choosing accommodation in picturesque buildings.

All areas of the Michael Farm are equipped with highly comfortable furniture and stylish accessories, referring to ancient history and aristocratic comfort. Behind the windows of romantic-looking buildings, there are 84 beds in the Formanka, U čapího hnízda and Blue and Pink houses buildings. Even the most demanding guests will appreciate this romantic stylish luxury as well as the peaceful atmosphere of the ancient fortress in the bosom of picturesque nature.

For those visitors who come here for family or corporate celebrations, there is a rustic interior of buildings, a banquet hall and a riding school. The capacity of open-air events is up to 1000 participants.

The local restaurant, in the spirit of tradition, offers gastronomic delicacies from its own resources. Guests can enjoy specialties from local beef, piglets, turkeys and geese grazing on local meadows. Staff can prepare carp, zander, pike or tench to order, which you can catch yourself in the adjacent ponds. You can enjoy delicious homemade cheese with French wine rolled from the highest quality vineyards. The excellent gastronomic service was the reason why the farm received the Farm of the Year award in 2015 and the Wedding Place of the Year award in 2017.

Parking for guests is directly in the building.

Herds of cows of the Aberdeen angus are also bred on the farm, bred exclusively for meat and, according to experts, one of the highest quality beef that the Czech market can offer. Paint Horse and Hannover horses are being raced on the farm's grounds, and rides, including medical rides under the supervision of a physiotherapist, are also possible for those interested.

Near the Michael farm there is the Slapy dam, the Konopiště chateau, the Český Šternberk castle and the military museum in Lešany.

Distance from Prague in km: 30 Green Fees (lowest): Yes


Total capacity of beds:
Additional services:
conference services


room with shower
room with WC
TV in the room
conference room
gym, fitness centre


Sunday 3 / 7°Cnight -1 / 3°C
oblačno až zataženo
Monday 3 / 7°Cnight 0 / 4°C
oblačno až zataženo
Tuesday 1 / 5°Cnight -2 / 2°C