The Golden Trail of Bohemian Paradise - day 2.

This part of the Golden Trail of Bohemian Paradise will guide you from Mnichovo Hradiště through Drábské světničky rock town and Kost castle to Libošovice.

Day 2 – MNICHOVO HRADIŠTĚ – Zásadka – Valečov Castle – Drábské světničky – Krásná vyhlídka – Příhrazy – Srbsko – Kost Castle – LIBOŠOVICE (22 km)

From Mnichovo Hradiště, take the red marked trail to the Valečov Castle ruins. While you walk along the path, you might see rock dwellings behind the castle ruins. They were probably built as a winter campground for Hussite troops and were used for housing until the 19th century. When you climb the Hrada plateau, you can see the remains of the Píčův statek Farm. On your left side, you will see a turn leading towards Klamorna (a former rock castle).

After 1 km, you will reach the Drábské světničky Caves.The only remains of the original wooden castle are rooms that were hewn into sandstone, and beam pockets. From there, continue via the Studený průchod gorge and the Krásná vyhlídka lookout point through the Příhrazské skály Rocks (a section that includes stairs and ladders) all they way to the village of Srbsko and to the U Pomníků crossroads (a reminder of a battle from 1866).
Your next destination is Kost Castle, approximately 1 km from here. Then walk through the Prokopské údolí Valley to the village of Libošovice.

Mnichovo Hradiste


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