Mnichovo Hradiště

The history of the town is connected with the nearby village Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou, where a cistercian monastery was established in 1150 on the place of an old Slavonic fortification.

The property, originally belonging to the cisterian monks, was changing owners until it was acquired by the family of Budovec of Budova. The most famous member of the family, Václav Budovec z Budova, the great Czech thinker and statesman, executed in 1621 for his participation in the anti-Habsburg rebellion, built quite an ostentation Renaissance castle on the place of the old fortification. After his death Albrecht of Wallenstein, the famous warrior, acquired the estates. The Wallenstein family owned the properties until 1945.

The most interesting places in Mnichovo Hradiątě are the baroque castle, its parks and other buildings like monastery, the Church of Three Kings and St. Ann's Chapel.

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Mnichovo Hradiste

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