The famous recreational area near Komárovský pond (Komárovský rybník) originally belonged to the Valečov estate. Numerous hiking and cycling trails lead to the sandstone rocks surrounded by pine forests and to nearby Kost Castle. The village is about 5 km east of Mnichovo Hradiště, and 3 km north of Knežmost

It is divided into three sections: Branžež, Nová Ves and Zakopaná. The first written mention of the village is in 1338. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Branžež belonged to the Solec farm i.e. part of the Valečov estate.

The main tourist asset of Branžež is Komárovský pond, one of the local recreational spots in the area. Around the village there are pine forests on sandy ground, filled with interestingly shaped sandstone rocks.

Since Branžež is located in the Bohemian Paradise, there are many interesting sites in the vicinity. Kost Castle is perhaps the closest significant monument.  Humprecht Castle, the Hrubá Skála region and the ruins of Trosky Castle are other important sights. The whole region is crisscrossed by numerous marked hiking and cycling trails.



Branžež 33, Kněžmost, 294 02

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