Set out for a new Nature Trail Chlum

In Mladá Boleslav region, completely new Nature Trail Chlum was introduced. The 7.5 km long trail aims to make the unique location of Nature Resort Chlum more attractive; the resort is also protected as European Area of Conversation, and it is one of the most significant areas as regards archaeology in Mladá Boleslav region.

The latest archaeological findings will be introduced exclusively for the first time; the main feature will be represented by golden and silver treasures. The visitors will have available 10 information panels divided to natural and archaeological part. Each part contains QR code which can take any person interested in the virtual area. It will provide additional information, photographs, and pictures related to the respective theme. Nature Trail is completed with interactive elements for children or panorama view of the landscape dominants of Mladá Boleslav region. Young and older visitors, school classes, and in particular families with children can enjoy the trail.

ZO ČSOP Klenice completed the trail.


Mlada Boleslav


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