The village on the Strenice stream (Strenický potok), located 8 km south-west of Mladá Boleslav, is attractive for its valley setting. The most valuable monuments are the Baroque Church and the recently renovated polygonal ossuary building in the neighbourhood. Several tombstones from the original cemetery have been preserved near the Church.

The region of the Strenice stream valley was inhabited even in prehistoric times, as evidenced by archaeological finds of skeletons and bronze items. The present village of Strenice is documented in written records of the 12th century, when Strenice was a parish village. Strenice later became a township and remained so until 1852.  The village of Strenice apparently originated as a group of buildings along the major road leading from the Strenice stream in the valley below the Velké Horky fortress. In the Late Middle Ages, the valley was lined by 12 chivalry fortresses.

Strenice is an ancient village, formerly belonging to the "Towns of the Czech Kingdom".  The name "Strenice" has been explained in different ways: some people say that Strenice originated from the grassy hillsides (Stránice) that surround the village; other sources state that the name is derived from the personal name of Straněj. In old records, Strenice is also referred to as Strejnice, Strýnice or even Straynice.

The Strenice village symbol includes a lime tree (with a brown trunk and green treetop, on three black or sometimes green hills). A grey nightingale is sitting on the hill, "beside many lime trees growing around and also nightingales in our valley in the spring time”  as a village chronicle states.  

Mlada Boleslav

Strenice 23, Strenice, 294 30

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