The village, dominated by the recently renovated Empire-style chateau from 1832, is situated on the site of a medieval fortress, 9 km south-west of Mladá Boleslav.

The first written mention of the village dates back to 1354 when the farm of Adam of Niměřice was located here. Sources dating back to 1391 state that the owner was Hrdoň of Všetaty. However, the confirmation book of 1408 states the name of Jan Prušek of Niměřice. He also owned a part of church posting rights in nearby Strenice. Later, the new owner, Burjan Strahovský of Sojovice arrived. He owned the fortress, farm and whole village.

The fortress fell into disrepair over the years. In 1832, the Late Classic Chateau was built on the site by Jan Weithof. Between 1854 and 1864, under another owner, Rudolf Thurn-Taxis, the Chateau was complemented by an almost Romanesque chapel. Rudolf Thurn-Taxis was a great Czech revivalist. It is no wonder that Niměřice Chateau was visited by prominent personalities of the time. Bedřich Smetana lived here with his wife in 1862.

The Chateau comprises an L-shaped double-winged unit of which the south-western wing is complemented with a belfry and clock. The interior spaces are arched by Classicist vaults which form the hall with excellent acoustics and vault sectors. The basement is considered to be a remnant of the original fortress. Other cellars are on the south-eastern side, also dating back to the original fortress. The Chateau is privately owned at present and well maintained. Not only the Chateau itself, but also the farm buildings are in a really good condition.

The pseudo-Romanesque Chapel of Our Lady built in 1864 is located over the road, opposite the Chateau gates. Previously, the Chapel contained an 1858 marble statue of Our Lady. The statue was created by V. Levý and bought by Countess Isabella Maria Thurn-Taxis. The statue is now housed in the Prague National Gallery. It is interesting that the original painting is still preserved in the Chapel.A cemetery surrounded by a wall was established around the Church. The tetrahedral bell tower with two bells was built in the north-eastern corner of the cemetery; the third bell was placed in the Sanctus. In September 1916, two of the aforementioned bells, as well as the bell from the Chapel of St. Václav in Valy, were removed. All three bells were broken with hammers on the site after removal, and then transported away

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