The village is located 1 km north-west of Bakov nad Jizerou, on the opposite bank of the Jizera River. It boasts two technical attractions: a reinforced concrete bridge from the 1920s and also a small hydroelectric power plant nearby.

Apart from Trenčín, no other village is so closely associated with Bakov as Malá Bělá (Small Bělá) which was named after the stream. It was called "Small" because of the fact that former Bělá pod Bezdězem on the Bělá stream bore the name of Velká (Great) or also Hrubá Bělá (Gross Bělá).

The oldest Slavic tribal settlement is documented by the site of 173 graves of the Urnfield people. According to the quantity and quality of the items found, we can assume that a vast settlement existed here until the Hallstatt times. An early feudal manor, fortress or even an original castle (probably incomplete) of the Lords of Zvířetice were probably located on the site known as "Na Starém zámku",  behind the railway viaduct on the opposite side of the village. 

The oldest building in Bělá is the mill, which also appears in the 1345 Purchase Agreement for the assignment of assets between Klášter Hradiště and the estate of Zvířetice. There were only two houses and the mill until the 15th century. Their number multiplied threefold before the mid-16th century. In the 19th century, Malá Bělá included the villages of Rečkov, Nová Ves and Klokočka (independent villages today).   

Bakov nad Jizerou

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