The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 2.

Route: MNICHOVO HRADIŠTĚ – Zásadka – Valečov Castle – Drábské světničky – Krásná vyhlídka lookout – Příhrazy – Srbsko – Kost Castle – LIBOŠOVICE (22 km)

Difficulty: Parts of this sectioninclude stairs, ladders, rocky paths, steep climbs and descents. It is less strenuous from Srbsko.


Take the red hiking trail again from Mnichovo Hradiště towards Zásadka and the Valečov castle ruins that are definitely worth seeing (also refreshments). Behind the castle, you will notice rock dwellings along the path. These were probably winter camps for the Hussite troops and were later used for housing until the end of the 19th century. After climbing to the Hrada plateau, you will see the remains of the Píčův statek farm on the right with a stone gate and sandstone walls and foundations of individual buildings. On you left, turn to see Klamorna, one of the local rock castles.

After about one kilometre, you will get to the Drábské světničky Castle (free admission). Only rooms that were cut into the sandstone and beam pockets have remained from the wooden structure. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the high-quality sandstone was extracted in several quarries. Then continue via Studený průchod, Krásná vyhlídka (a restaurant and a lookout point) and the Příhrazské skály rocks all the way to the Srbsko settlement (a restaurant) and further to the U Pomníků cross-roads. While building the road, a monument commemorating the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, whose battles took place in the area, was erected here.

Another destination is Kost Castle (fencing performances during summer holidays, restaurants and refreshments) located about 1 km from the path. Then pass the picturesque Prokopské údolí valley to the village of Libošovice (a restaurant, accommodation) where you can spend the night.

Optional trip: You can take a short trip from Libošovice to Vesec (a rural conservation area) and the town of Sobotka (a conservation zone, the Humprecht Chateau, the Šolcův statek farm, an information centre, etc.).

Mnichovo Hradiste


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