The Na Karmeli Printing Company in Mladá Boleslav

The building, which was a former printing office that belonged to the Unity of the Brethren, is located in the old town in Mladá Boleslav, at No. 77.

At the end of the 15th century, members of a new church, the Unity of Brethren, settled in Mladá Boleslav. This new church was supported by the owners of that time, the Tovačovskýs of Cimburk, and later also by the Krajířs of Krajek. The Tovačovský family donated the ruins of a Minorite monastery to the Unity of Brethren, where the brethren built their unity house and later started a print office. They named the area after the Biblical Mount Carmel and operated here until 1624, which made Mladá Boleslav one of the most important centres of the Unity of Brethren.

To spread their beliefs, they also used the new invention of book printing. The first used printing offices in other towns. After the arrival of Miluláš Klaudián, who started a printing shop at this location, all treatises were printed at Na Karmeli. As a consequence of war, the printing office ceased to exist and during modifications made at the turn of the millennium, printing needs and fraternal literature were found.

Currently, the building of the former Na Karmeli (No. 77) printing office is a private building.


Mlada Boleslav

Na Karmeli 77, Mladá Boleslav, 293 01


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