Blažkův Mill

Podvicmanovský Mill, which is also known as Blažkův Mill, is located in a deep forested valley near the village of Vicmanov in the Mnichovo Hradiště area.

Podvicmanovský Mill was probably built in the early 18th century, but the exact year is not known. However, it was recorded in the first and second Theresian land registry from the18th century. In 1806, it was largely rebuilt as we can see from the date in the gable. In 1924, Josef Blažek took the mill over from his parents and the mill is called Blažkův after him. The mill was used for grinding grain and since the Baroque, it also included a saw mill that was still in operation under Josef Blažek.
Podvicmanovský Mill is a two-floor log building with a mansard roof. The mill is situated next to a farm with several farm buildings and the remains of a water-power saw mill. Farm buildings were originally wooden and they were rebuilt with bricks probably in the early 20th century. The drive for the mill was Zábrdka Brook. Later, a Francis turbine was installed to power the mill equipment. Podvicmanovský Mill’s equipment was most likely preserved complete. The mill is one of the most exceptionally preserved buildings from the 18th century and since 1965, it has been protected as a cultural monument in the Czech Republic.

Today, the mill is not occupied.


Vicmanov 18, Mukařov, 295 01


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