Ruins of castles of the Mladá Boleslav area

Perhaps the most famous wanderer of the Czech castles, the poet Karel Hynek Mácha, drew quite a few picturesque ruins of castles into his sketchbook during his journeys. It was for instance the ruin of Michalovice castle which is situated in the Mladá Boleslav area. It is located on the threshold of the city Mladá Boleslav and its huge tower is leaning so much that you may notice it even when you are a kilometre far. Yet it is possible to ascend the tower safely and you may feast your eyes on the beautiful view of the Jizera river valley.

The ruin of Zvířetice castle is large and we may find it near the town Bakov nad Jizerou. Observant visitor will find a lot of preserved architectural details including Gothic and Renaissance portals and jambs.

Near the ruin of Valečov castle, which is situated near the town Mnichovo Hradiště, there are well preserved romantic rooms carved into the rock that once served as dwellings for poor. The ruin of Valečov castle is considered as one of the most beautiful rock castles. Not far from it there are ruins of another rock castle - Drábské světničky. Drábské světničky offer a beautiful view of Příhrazské skály (Rocks) and their surroundings. The picturesque ruin od Zásadka castle is in the Mnichovo Hradiště area. There you may see only the ruins of moats, rampart and walls of the original castle.

Mlada Boleslav


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