Střehomský Water Mill

This is a two-floor timbered mill where a Czech fairy-tale movie was filmed.

In the village of Střehom, located near Plakánek Valley, is one of the most famous mills in the Czech Republic – Střehomský Mill. The mill dates from 1516 and it was used until 1952. It is a timbered mill with a well-preserved water wheel, propelled by water from Klenice Brook. However, the drive is in bad condition and heavily overgrown with vegetation. Originally, the mill was all timbered, but wood was later replaced by stone walls.
Currently, the mill is not used for milling and serves only as a private house. However, the mill wheel is functional and the owner will occasionally run it.


Dolni Bousov

Střehom 1, Dolní Bousov, 294 04


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