Lookout points in the Příhrazské skály Rocks

The sandstone area east of the basalt Mužský Hill features many places with far-reaching views of the surrounding area.


The “Na Krásné vyhlídce” (Beautiful View) tourist chalet was built above the Trhlinová propast ravine. The view of Bohemian Paradise and Žabakor Pond from above is truly magnificent. When the weather is good, you can also see Ještěd, the Jizerské hory and the Krkonoše Mountains.

The former ancient Slavic fortified settlement called Hrada also offers a view of the surrounding area. The remains of the settlement can be found on a sandstone plateau below Mužský Hill. The nearby Klamorna fortified settlement, settled as early as the year 300, is also a lookout point. You can see the remains of southern Slavic mounds and medieval walls.


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